Sangsurya Meditation Retreat Centre

Byron Bay

Sangsurya is a spiritual and life education retreat centre located in the peaceful hinterland of Byron Bay. A social enterprise built on the foundation of love, pure intention and service to humanity by the late Mona and Tony Kruger, this secluded residential retreat has been a place of refuge and healing to thousands of students and practitioners for over 30 years.

Sangsurya provides a natural, environmentally-friendly sanctuary for self-reflection, meditation and personal development. It offers an affordable and nurturing retreat setting which demonstrates humility, respect and equality to all people regardless of race, gender or religion.  

Our retreats provide education, tools and resources for people to gain self-understanding, make positive life changes and build resilience when meeting the demands and challenges of living in an ever-changing world. Sangsurya’s mission is to effectively contribute to the cultivation of peace which is particularly needed in a world where there is widespread and escalating conflict.