Sangsurya Meditation Retreat Centre

Byron Bay

Sangsurya is a spiritual teaching, life education and mindfulness meditation retreat centre located in the peaceful hinterland of Byron Bay. A social enterprise built on the foundation of love, pure intention and service to humanity by the late Mona and Tony Kruger, this secluded residential retreat has been a place of refuge and healing to thousands of local, national and international students and practitioners for over 30 years.

Sangsurya provides a natural, environmentally-friendly sanctuary for self-reflection, spiritual education and personal development. It offers an affordable and nurturing retreat setting which demonstrates humility, respect and equality to all people regardless of race, gender or religion. 

Our retreats provide education, tools and resources for people to gain self-understanding, make positive life changes and build resilience when meeting the demands and challenges of living in an ever-changing world. Sangsurya’s mission is to effectively contribute to the cultivation of peace which is particularly needed in a world where there is wide-spread and escalating conflict.

Spiritual Teachings

Sangsurya Retreat Centre’s main offering is spiritual education retreats in the Buddhist Insight Meditation tradition.

25% of our annual retreats are in the Insight Meditation tradition. Insight Meditation is a crucial part of Buddhism with its roots in Vipassana practices from the Theravada Buddhist tradition. It is about mindfulness, meditation, opening of the heart practices, wisdom teachings and ethics.

Insight Meditation is believed to give one insight into the true nature of reality, guiding the student to become aware of exactly what is happening as it happens. It can be thought of as a process of mental training that directly cultivates a state of increased mindfulness and self-discovery. Insight retreats offer an environment of trust and care that enables people to explore and question all the views and beliefs that separate and isolate people from each other and from the world.

In the Buddhist tradition, the dharma teachings of wisdom, compassion and liberation have been passed down through the generations by the ancient practice of dana: receiving and transmitting these teachings as a gift. All fees for Insight retreats are simply to cover the basic expenses, food, accommodation, travel and advertising. At the conclusion of an Insight retreat, students are invited to make an anonymous donation toward the teachers time and expenses. Sangsurya Retreat Centre subsidises the accommodation fees of Insight Meditation participants as part of its charitable service to community.

Life Education

Another 25% of our annual retreats are the Hoffman Process retreats. This is a 7-day residential life-changing programme of personal development that empowers you to create the life you want, the relationships you deserve and a future that reflects your authenticity.

By exploring limiting beliefs and behaviours established in your family of origin, this technique supports you to build awareness of the negative impact of these patterns and helps you in learning to let go of what no longer serves you.

In doing so, you begin to uncover your true essence and your ability to connect more deeply and compassionately to yourself, others and your community.

Our Retreats

Please note, Sangsurya is not an accommodation provider for individuals or groups who are seeking a holiday rental.

To stay at Sangsurya an enrolment and full participation in one of the structured retreat programmes on offer is required.

Please visit our Calendar to see the broad range of retreats on offer and make an enquiry to find a retreat which best suits you.

To register your interest and make an enquiry about hiring Sangsurya for your health, meditation or personal development retreat, please visit here.