Donate to Sangsurya

your support is needed

Sangsurya has been created as a place that will serve those searching for peace in their hearts and minds for many days to come.

Every effort is made to keep costs to participants reasonable, so that a wide cross-section of people are able to receive the nourishment and support a stay at Sangsurya offers.

Over the last 25 years, more than 20,000 people have been touched by Sangsurya, as world class facilitators hold this very special space with grace, humility and authenticity.

Sangsurya also offers a number of scholarships on its Heart of Sangsurya Retreats to those who do not have the funds to attend. Attending a Signature Retreat provides access for people to learn precious and unique life skills for their own benefit and that of the broader community to which they return. Your donation will ensure the continuation of this invaluable social service.

Yes, I will make a donation to the Sangsurya Scholarship Fund to ensure that as many people as possible can contribute to healing and transforming our world.