About Sangsurya Retreat Centre

Byron Bay

Our Mission

Sangsurya Retreat Centre is a social enterprise committed to providing the charitable opportunity and service to people from all walks of life to gain spiritual and life education, cultivate the best qualities of the human heart and live with wisdom, compassion and insight.

Tony Kruger and Mona Wurtz began Sangsurya with the altruistic intention of building a non-commercially oriented, residential facility where people could come together to pursue their meditation and personal growth work. Of prime importance was to offer an affordable retreat opportunity for people of all income levels, and to facilitate a natural and nurturing environment which demonstrates humility, respect and equality to all people regardless of race, gender or religion. 

Tony and Mona’s main spiritual practice was one of charitable generosity, with the aim to ‘polish the diamonds of the heart’ and Sangsurya provides an ongoing opportunity for many to realise greater aspects of love and awareness in themselves and others. 

Sangsurya’s mission is to effectively contribute to the cultivation of peace which is sorely needed in a world where there is wide-spread and escalating conflict. Over many years an immeasurable effort of love and care was put into creating Sangsurya by Tony and Mona, along with their numerous helpers and friends. Their legacy and contribution to the health and well-being of our community lives on.

Our Values

The Core values set up by Tony and Mona and which are sustained by the Sangsurya Trust are:

  • to provide a refuge for spiritual reflection and contemplation which is environmentally friendly and based on Sufi principles of integrity, remembrance, divine love and acting with the spirit of altruism, and Buddhist principles of non-violence, non-harm and ethical living;
  • to provide a sanctuary and retreat for the life education which enables humanity to become resilient and thrive, thereby making a tangible contribution to the greater good.

A particular focus is on addressing alienation in society and re-establishing connectedness by:

  • teaching people the necessary life-skills to navigate increasing levels of anxiety, grief, depression and despair;
  • instructing people in self-help tools such as mindfulness practices, yoga, tai chi, qigong, etc;
  • providing therapies which improve mental health and contribute to social harmony by offering an intelligent way of living.

Sangsurya’s comprehensive range of mindfulness and personal development groups support the well-being of our community by helping people live in a respectful and compassionate way. 

Our Vision

The long-term aim of Sangsurya is to provide the ongoing opportunity and service for many to cultivate the best qualities of the human heart and to live with wisdom, compassion and insight. Over the past 25 years Sangsurya Retreat Centre has had a positive impact on the health and well-being of over 20,000 people nation-wide and internationally. The value of this work is immeasurable and has enriched the culture of the Northern Rivers region by reinforcing its identity as Australia’s foremost destination for health and healing.