from our students

How special it is to be in a native part of Australia with the rainforest and the birds and the natural beauty. Sangsurya’s commitment to being a place for healing makes it really special. I feel so blessed to have spent six days here in a place that’s whole hearted and allows me to then go out and create a better world.


Sangsurya provides a ground for people to explore themselves and grow in ways that are really hard to achieve in other spaces. The kind of experience I’ve had here I haven’t had anywhere else.


I’m a doctor in Sydney, so my job is all about healing. Sangsurya is a place where I can come and relax, connect with nature, do my own healing and go back to my community and be the best doctor I can be. After having spent 5 magical days at Sangsurya, I cannot wait to return. It’s a magical place.


I feel so at peace, so calm and relaxed at the end of my retreat, ready to be the best version of myself out in the world. It’s a beautiful place to dive deep and go within, and embrace the beauty of this land. I highly recommend coming and staying.


Sangsurya is a place of absolute nourishment. The outside beauty helps you to reflect on your own inner beauty. The treasures that unfold before your eyes, both internally and externally, are priceless. Sangsurya is a glorious part of the planet that has been thought about and created with care, devotion and love for all of us to enjoy.


Sangsurya is unique, it could never be recreated. All the years of people doing retreats here give it a very special atmosphere. Just to be here brings a sense of peacefulness and being free from our busy world, with all its worries and concerns. With the rainforest and the ocean, there’s an ecology here. I’ve seen water dragons, a huge array of birds, and all kinds of insect life. This ecosystem has been created with a lot of sensitivity and awareness of what is native in this place.


As soon as I arrive here, I can feel my system settle. The setting inside the bush and the rainforest overlooking the ocean creates the most serene feel and helps you fall deeper inside yourself. It’s quiet, it’s peaceful. It’s a beautiful place for people to come for refuge.


It really does feel like heaven on earth here. You get the beautiful sunrise over the ocean and the plants and flowers and birdlife are abundant. I’ve seen rainforest birds here that I’ve never seen in the surrounding areas of the Shire where I’ve lived for many years. It’s such an incredible place to come and do anything, meditation, yoga and so on. It’s a container that can hold all of it.


I felt very cared for by all teachers and staff. The experience of the teachings was wonderful and I could feel the teachers’ vast knowledge and expertise. The support staff were very kind and always ready to help.


Five days and nights where I experienced the awe of Sangsurya. The program is perfectly pitched at awakening the senses and deepening insights and personal wisdom.


At the end of five and a half days I feel nourished on all levels and filled with gratitude. Ready to return home with new eyes and an open heart. Thankyou.


This retreat offers a well-designed combination of physical, emotional and spiritual upliftment – from nutritious food, to movement meditations, to insight enquiry, devotional singing, crystal bowls healing. Truly a Signature experience. I definitely want to do it again.


Sangsurya is a jewel-like presence offering a supportive, gentle nurturing in our journey of healing and growth to face the challenges both individually and collectively on the planet during these times.


Thankyou for the amazing opportunity to take a break from the world and spend dedicated time with such wonderful teachers.


Thank you. This was such a restorative, happy and centering week. I felt my heart open and had the first true experiences of joy in a long time.