Radha Nicholson is a Senior Dharma Teacher in the Insight Meditation Tradition with a meditation practice of over 45 years and has been teaching internationally and in Australia for more than 20 years.

She is the guiding teacher for Bay Insight Meditation in Byron Bay and teaches at Sangsurya Meditation Centre. She also teaches regularly by invitation in India,  Germany and Israel and has been a guest teacher in the UK, California and New Zealand. In Australia, Radha is a mentor on the Dharma Facilitator’s Program, a skills based training program to educate potential teachers how to teach Buddhist philosophy and meditation.

She is a registered psychologist and has retired from private practice. Her specialty areas were anxiety, depression, trauma and substance abuse disorders. She previously worked at The Buttery in Bangalow, a therapeutic community for those with substance abuse disorders and was the Clinical Director of the Sanctuary and The Bay Retreats in Byron Bay. 

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Subhana Barzaghi is a senior guiding teacher in the Insight Meditation and Zen Tradition with over forty years of experience in leading workshops and retreats. She is an experienced psychotherapist and Director of the Insight Meditation Institute. Subhana has a: B.A.Soc.Sci., & Masters Degree in Psychotherapy & Neuroscience, Graduate in Hakomi Psychotherapy and Diploma in Buddhism and Psychotherapy. She is a Clinical Member of Hakomi Association, A.C.W.A and A.A.B.C.AP. Subhana has been teaching Zen and Insight Buddhist meditation retreats since 1991 throughout Australia and New Zealand. She is an authorised Zen Roshi in the Diamond Sangha and resident teacher of the Sydney Zen Centre, founder of Kuan Yin Meditation Centre in Lismore and Blue Gum Sangha, Sydney. Subhana teaches embodied awareness practices, cultivating wisdom and compassion and the spirit of inquiry as foundations for living an awakened compassionate life.

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Will James is the guiding teacher at the Tallowwood Sangha in Bellingen on the mid north coast of NSW Australia. He leads regular retreats, at Sangsurya Retreat in Byron Bay, in Sydney and in Bali. Will has taught at the Dharma Gatherings in Australia and India, and has been a lead teacher in the Australian Dharma Facilitators Programme. He facilitates a Dharma Study Programmes in his local area, and is a Teacher Mentor for the Insight Meditation Institute’s Mindfulness Teacher Training programs. Through the Dharma he teaches people how to live a conscious and liberated life. 

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Carol Perry is a Senior Insight Meditation teacher with more than forty years meditation experience in the Insight tradition. She is a senior teacher with Melbourne Insight Meditation and in retreats at Sangsurya. Carol has a mindfulness-based (Hakomi) psychotherapy practice in Lismore NSW and globally by Skype, and teaches a dharma-based workshop called Communicating Mindfully. She has recently retired from thirty years as a Consultant in Conflict Management, and is an experienced interpersonal communications expert with special skills in assisting people to behave powerfully and effectively in work place negotiations and all relationships. This skill is based on mind/body techniques that use the body as a resource. The aim is non-violent and authentic clear communication. Carol is passionate about supporting cohesive and harmonious community in all its forms. 

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Lizzie Turnbull, PhD, Dip Som Psych, EMDR, is a Senior Insight Meditation teacher who leads weekly meditation evenings in Brusnswick Heads NSW and teaches retreats at Sangsurya Retreat. She has been practising as a psychotherapist since 1998 with a background in somatic, psychodynamic, humanist and mindfulness based therapies, Buddhist psychology, EMDR and TRE. She specialises in: Grief and loss; End of life spiritual care; Spiritual/existential inquiry; Life difficulties and trauma arising from childhood abuse and neglect; PTSD; Stress; Depression; Anxiety; Addiction and substance dependence; and Relationships. As a Buddhist practitioner for nearly 30 years, the approach Lizzie takes to teaching meditation is to facilitate the wellbeing of the whole bodymind, to restore healthy and resilient nervous system function and emotional regulation, and to promote mindfulness, insight and skilful living. 

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