Subhana Barzaghi

Retreat Leader

About Subhana

Subhana Barzaghi is a senior guiding teacher in the Insight Meditation and Zen Tradition with over forty years of experience in leading workshops and retreats. She is an experienced psychotherapist and Director of the Insight Meditation Institute. Subhana has a: B.A.Soc.Sci., & Masters Degree in Psychotherapy & Neuroscience, Graduate in Hakomi Psychotherapy and Diploma in Buddhism and Psychotherapy.

She is a Clinical Member of Hakomi Association, A.C.W.A and A.A.B.C.AP. Subhana has been teaching Zen and Insight Buddhist meditation retreats since 1991 throughout Australia and New Zealand. She is an authorised Zen Roshi in the Diamond Sangha and resident teacher of the Sydney Zen Centre, founder of Kuan Yin Meditation Centre in Lismore and Blue Gum Sangha, Sydney.

Subhana teaches embodied awareness practices, cultivating wisdom and compassion and the spirit of inquiry as foundations for living an awakened compassionate life.

Subhana Barzaghi

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