As many of you know from your own personal experience, Sangsurya is a special gift created to support people’s journey of deep reflection, healing and growth.


The Sangsurya story is a beautiful one indeed. It was in 1992 that the Russian-born Sufi teacher, Irina Tweedie, instructed her students, Tony Kruger and Mona Wurtz, to build a meditation retreat centre in Australia - a place that would serve those searching for peace in their hearts and minds for many days to come.


Tony found just the right place to realise their vision - a sacred sanctuary located on Arakwal aboriginal land overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Byron Bay. Together Tony and Mona created a haven of inspiration and transformation. They called it Sangsurya.


A Sanskrit inspired word meaning “a place where the sun reaches everybody”, Sangsurya is a social enterprise like no other built on a foundation of love, sustainability and integrity.


For 25 years, Sangsurya has touched the lives of over 20,000 people with carefully selected teachers offering a diverse range of teachings with pure intention, authenticity, humility and heart.


Mona and Tony each toiled to the end of their days with creative passion and dedication to finish Sangsurya in service to others. Just before his sudden and unexpected death in 2017 Tony established an 80 year Trust with 4 Trustees to watch over Sangsurya.

While continuing to offer Sangsurya to our family of dedicated teachers and their students, over the past weeks we have been developing several fundraising initiatives to ensure Sangsurya remains available for the benefit of all.

To find out how to participate in our fundraising initiatives click the links below:

• Attend a Signature Retreat or gift a retreat to someone who may be in need of rejuvenation

Come and Volunteer some time and energy to help maintain Sangsurya Retreat Centre

Make a Donation to preserve and protect Sangsurya for the benefit of all and for future generations


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