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Sangsurya and has consistently lived up to its name, “a place where the sun reaches everybody” by hosting high-quality meditation and healing retreats throughout these many years. It has thrived to become a very popular retreat venue, expanding in size and capacity to retain a solid base of meditation, health and personal development teachers. Tony and Mona’s vision has been realised, with much gratitude from all who have benefitted from being in retreat here.


Before he passed, Tony stated in his Will that he would like a Discretionary Trust to be established to continue to operate Sangsurya as a health and meditation retreat centre for many years to come. The Sangsurya Trust was established on 24thApril 2019, with a selected Board of Trustees as per Tony’s wishes. 


Tony ensured that Sangsurya would be managed by like-minded people who would sustain the facility with similar intentions and interests as Mona and he had envisioned. He asked Steve Sagaro and Shirsha Marie to be the caretakers and managers of Sangsurya, going forward. They do so with great love and dedication to protecting, maintaining and providing this beautiful health and meditation sanctuary for our national and global personal development community.

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